Large SpaceDelta technical specification

Printer dimensions 96cm (width) * 210cm (height)
Weight 40kg
Print volume 500mm effective print plate diameter, 1350mm maximum build height (truncated into shallow cone on top)
Print speed Up to 500mm/s move speed, up to 300mm/s print speed, 5000mm2/s acceleration
Print materials 1.75mm filament, PLA, ABS, PETG, PCTG, PP, PA, all common 3D printing thermoplastics with max extrusion temperature of 300C.
Abrasive materials require hardened nozzle (V6 volcano type)
Frame 34mm diameter AISI 304 Stainless steel tubes, PETG printed parts
Linear rails 40x40mm anodised aluminum square sections
Arm carriages CFRP composite tube with PA12CF15 parts, self-lubricating IGUS bearing pads & seats
Arm rods Unidirectional CFRP composite tubes with 12mm POM bearing ball ends
Effector CFRP composite tubes with PA12CF15 corner nodes, self-lubricating IGUS bearing seats
Belts 10mm fiberglass reinforced Gates GT2 belts
Motors NEMA17 60cm 1.8deg
Extruder Bondtech LGX lite flying extruder, 25cm Capricorn XS bowden tube
PSU Meanwell 240W 24V PSU
Heatbed 8mm thick cast and flat-milled aluminium bed, silicone AC heater pad, magnetic spring steel PEI buildplate
Hotend V6 threaded heatsink, bi-metall heatbreak, volcano heatblock & 0.4mm nozzle (max 300C extrusion temperature)
Part cooling 2x4010 radial fans
Board BTT SKR Mini E3 V2/V3
Firmware Klipper running on built-in RPI, Mainsail control interface served over Wifi
Screen 4.3inch touchscreen display, klipperscreen