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3D printed composite cores, non-planar 3D printing, strength-to-weight optimized structures



Our story

Our journey began in the summer of 2020 when we sought a cost-effective means to produce large composite prototypes, aiming to bypass the need for costly equipment and materials traditionally associated with the industry, such as large 5-axis CNC machines and expensive tooling foam blocks.
Before embarking on our innovative journey, we were no strangers to 3D printing. However, our usage had been confined to the conventional approach of creating molds, dimensional patterns, fixtures, and various jigs. This approach was consistent with the prevailing belief that 3D printers excelled in accuracy and cost-effectiveness for prototyping small items, but faced challenges when it came to economically producing large items. The properties of 3D printed objects were often perceived as subpar in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods.
However, we challenged ourselves to explore whether we could harness 3D printing to directly incorporate parts into high-performance structural components. Our initial tests focused on small core samples, measuring their density, compressive and shear strength, and comparing them to traditional foam and honeycomb materials.
Encouraged by the promising results, we embarked on scaling up the basic concept. In the process, we developed our own Gcode generator and a line of fast, scalable Delta 3D printer machines. This equipped us with a comprehensive toolkit for rapidly prototyping complex, large-scale composite parts in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Presently, we are continuing to expand upon this idea, exploring the utilization of our 3D printed composite cores in processes such as vacuum resin infusion and pre-preg compression molding.

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