Fast reliable 3D printer

Rock solid frame with ultra light kinematics, available in a wide range of sizes.


Stiff construction made from high-modulus woven cfrp tubes and PA12CF15 nodes with weight efficient tetrahedron architecture - bare effector weighs just 18g (small effector with 60mm arms spacing).
Distance between neighbouring articulation points is kept at a minimum for maximum effector stability.
Articulation bearing liners are made from special self-lubricating IGUS material, containig solid lubricants, very long service life with no maintenance required.
Mounts V6 threaded heatsink with wedge-based bowden gripper in place of problematic pneumatic connector - secure bowden hold without any unwanted play even at very high flow/acceleration settings.


The main body of arms carriage consists of a high-modulus wowen CFRP tube, combined with stiff PA12CF15 parts. The whole complete carriage weighs just 33g (20mm square beam version) and sports the same self lubricating bearing liners as effector.
It slides on square anodised aluminium rails, with IGUS self-lubricating polymers providing smooth, maintenance free and very long lasting bearing surface.


Delta arms made from pultruded CFRP tubes with 12mm precision POM bearing balls on both ends - guaranteed to be the same length (within 0.05mm margin of error) for every arm in set.


Spaceframe construction with precision laser cut stainless steel tubes and PA12CF15 corner nodes for very high frame strength and stifness, even at sizes far larger than common desktop 3D printer size.


As size grows bigger, frame tubing diameter & rails size increases proportionally

  • Max print diameter (d) : 200 mm
  • Max print height (h) : 200 mm
  • Overall printer width (D) : 420 mm
  • Overall printer height (H) : 620 mm

  • Price: 1080 € with VAT
  • Max print diameter (d) : 250 mm
  • Max print height (h) : 600 mm
  • Overall printer width (D) : 500 mm
  • Overall printer height (H) : 1080 mm

  • Price: 1 740 € with VAT
  • Max print diameter (d) : 500 mm
  • Max print height (h) : 1350 mm
  • Overall printer width (D) : 960 mm
  • Overall printer height (H) : 2100 mm

  • Price: 4 740 € with VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Current delivery time is around 4-6 weeks, we will always inform you about estimated delivery time upon receiving your order request.

  • The biggest build volume succesfully tested is 500x1500mm, which still provides very good speed & quality. If your project requires a special printer with an even bigger size and/or a special extrusion head (for clay/concrete), contact us and we will get back to you with price/delivery time estimate.

  • SpaceDelta printers are running the most advanced open-source printer firmware available, Klipper with Mainsail control server. Mainsail provides a very nice responsive web-based UI interface which you can access over your local network, or even remotely. We will provide detailed instructions/help for connecting SpaceDelta to your network securely. If you don't want to run SpaceDelta as a network device, we can provide offline touchscreen control as an extra option.

  • It depends on the shipping destination & size selected, shipping weight for small versus large version is very different. We will provide you with an accurate shipping price estimate once we receive your order request.

  • Our smallest machine (200x200) will be delivered fully assembled and calibrated. Our bigger sizes will be delivered pre-assembled requiring assembly and calibration - calm down and don't worry, it's an easy straightforward process and we will provide detailed instructions and support.

  • No, they currently don't. Our printers are built in a rock-solid way and the print-bed is firmly attached to the frame, the Z-offset won't drift nearly as much as they do in printers which have a moving print-bed. In our testing, once initially leveled manually (10 minute job), the bed stayed level and maintained a perfect first layer for hundreds of printing hours.

  • All SpaceDelta printers come with a full-metal hot-end, capable of extruding up to 300C, so all usual filaments like PLA, ABS, PETG, PCTG, PC, PA6, PA12, PP. Abrasive materials require a hardened steel nozzle which can be fitted upon customer request.


Our story

The story of our printer design started in summer of 2020, when we were looking for a printer capable of fast and reliable printing of big, lightweight and structurally efficient parts (3D printed cores for CFRP/GFRP composite parts).
We couldn't find anything matching our criteria on the market. All the big printers (capable of printing parts over 1M tall) were sturdy and heavy machines capable of impressive flow-rates with big nozzles, but were unable to facilitate rapid nozzle direction changes and speed.
This, coupled with the fact that 3D printers in 1M+ class are very expensive sealed our decision to develop and build 3D printers in-house.
We also evaluated available hi-speed open-source designs, all of them with CoreXY kinematics, though they were very impressive and fast in usual desktop printer sizes, they didn't scale very well past that, mostly limited by frame design. Delta printers promise high speed and relatively cost-efficient ways of building big machines, but are plagued by tall, flexy frames.
With our goal of addresing that shortcoming, after multiple iterations, we arrived at our current design using a very stiff triangular antiprism structure.
Our next challange was designing motion components capable of reliable high-speed printing over and over - the answer was minimal weight and maximal stifness through efficient carbon-fiber structures coupled with lightweight, vibration dampening and maintanence free IGUS bearing elements.

Once we had everything figured out and our printer delivered on all relevant points, we thought it would be a shame to not offer the machine to 3D printing enthusiasts all over the world in various sizes.

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